10 Years in the Making - 'Invasion of the Not Quite Dead'

'Invasion of the Not Quite Dead' is not your average zombie movie. It has been 10 years in the making and is now 95% complete. Writer/Director Antony D. Lane is on a mission to complete his horror masterpiece and is crowdfunding the final phase of the project through Indiegogo, with the hopes of raising £10k.

Drawing on inspiration from early horror films as well as modern cinema, 'Invasion of the Not Quite Dead' features no CGI and instead treats viewers to a rich array of gory special effects. The film opens in 1978 with a meteorite unleashing a deadly virus. Following a cover-up, the plot then picks up some thirty years later with the virus striking again in a small sleepy village known as Little Grimsby.

The film features a large cast of talented actors including Frank Jakeman, Marc Zammit (The Bill, Silent Witness, Pandorica), Jessica Jay (A Royal Day Out, The Scopia Effect), Paul Terry (London Hood, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword), James Fisher (Green Street Hooligans, Derailed) and Ajay Nayyar (Fire & Ice, Call the Midwife, Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe).

The film has also been backed by top names in the industry such as Sam Neil, Kevin Pollack, Donnie Wahlberg and the late Ken Russell who helped Executive Produce the project. Wahlberg even took to Twitter to voice his support of the film.

To follow all the latest updates from the project by Indywood Studios, check out the film's Facebook, Twitter, IMDb page or the official movie site. Additionally, you can watch the film's teaser trailer below:

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