Flatpack Film Festival 2017 Launches This April

The Birmingham-based Flatpack Film Festival is set to launch its 2017 festival this April, with an exciting new programme. The event features a range of new films, including various forms of media such as animation, shorts, music videos and experimental cinema.

"the UK's most creatively curated film festival" (The Independent)

The festival grew from a "mixed-media film night" in a local pub to a major calendar event for the city's culture. Drawing people from far and wide, the festival has previously been described as "the UK's most creatively curated film festival" by the Independent.

There are a number of special guests at the festival, including swedish director Johannes Nyholm, who will be showcasing a retrospective of his previous works. Also, Flatpack have partnered with the BFI to launch its Film Camp, which will feature a number of panel discussions as well as workshops. There will also be an open air cinema and opportunities for all ages to enjoy the festival with screenings suitable for under-11s.

Check out the festival programme for what's on offer this month.

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